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After almost losing our family dog to a preventable infection, I realized that we needed to take her veterinary care more seriously. We started taking her in for regular checkups and focusing on vaccinations, and I know that it has made a few differences. Up until that time, our dog had always seemed a little off, but after she started getting the care that she needed, she would run and play like her peers. I want other pet owners to understand the importance of veterinary care, so I made this website. Find out what you need to do to take care of your pet by reading these articles.

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3 Tips To Help Your Dog Lose Weight

Is your dog looking a little chubby? It's easy for dogs to gain weight, especially as they get older and become less active. However, obesity can be a serious problem for many dogs. The more weight a dog carries, the more pressure is placed on its feet, legs, and joints. Obesity can lead to arthritis, joint issues, heart disease, strokes, and other serious illnesses. Getting a dog to lose weight can be difficult. A dog's natural instinct is to eat, so you have to be creative in ways to get your dog to eat less and burn calories. Below are three tips to make the job easier.

Feed them green beans

One effective way to help a dog cut calories is to feed them green beans. Replace one of your dog's meals daily with a serving of green beans. Believe it or not, many dogs find green beans a tasty treat. By swapping out a meal with a serving of green beans, your dog can still get the sensation of eating a full meal but will consume significantly fewer calories than if you fed them their normal dog food. This could be easier than simply eliminating a meal, which could lead to your dog begging or whimpering for food.

Replace their treats

Do you like to give your dog biscuits, cheese, or bagged treats from the pet store? While those treats may be tasty for your dog, they're also packed with calories and fat. Instead, consider replacing those treats with carrots, green beans, or chopped-up apples. Your dog will still find the treat tasty and they will still feel loved and appreciated when you give them the treat. But they will consume much fewer calories which will help them drop weight.

Get some exercise

Diet is an important part of weight loss, but so is exercise. Regular exercise can help your dog stay active and burn calories. A daily walk is a great way to get your dog some exercise. You can walk around the neighborhood or even go to a nearby hiking trail. Your dog will likely love the outdoor activity and investigating a new area. Playtime can also be a great way to exercise. Go out in the yard and throw a tennis ball for your dog. Or you could head to a dog park and let your dog run around with other canines. Exercise can be a great way to burn calories and for you and your dog to bond.

Ready to help your dog lose weight? Talk to your local veterinarian about dog care today. They can help you develop a diet and exercise regimen that will keep your four-legged friend healthy and happy for years to come.