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After almost losing our family dog to a preventable infection, I realized that we needed to take her veterinary care more seriously. We started taking her in for regular checkups and focusing on vaccinations, and I know that it has made a few differences. Up until that time, our dog had always seemed a little off, but after she started getting the care that she needed, she would run and play like her peers. I want other pet owners to understand the importance of veterinary care, so I made this website. Find out what you need to do to take care of your pet by reading these articles.

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2 Services That Emergency Vets Can Provide

Emergency vets are going to be there to provide services for your animal that other regular veterinary hospitals can't because most of them are closed during certain hours and on the weekends. Since many pets are basically members of the family, this gives a great deal of comfort to many pet owners. This article is going to discuss two very important services that an emergency vet can provide for your pets. 


If your pet needs to go in for surgery in the middle of the night, the emergency vet is the place to take them. This could be because your pet was hit by a car, they need an emergency c-section for a rough delivery, they ingested something that could potentially be lethal to them, they are unresponsive and something may be wrong with their heart, or some other experience that requires them to go through surgery. The emergency vet is going to have access to everything needed for a successful surgery. They themselves will have a great deal of experience performing a variety of surgeries, many of which they have very little time to prepare for. They will also have other medical staff to help perform the procedure, such as veterinary assistants. The anesthesia needed to put your pet under for the surgery will be on hand, as well as all other equipment, such as sonogram machines, endoscopes, CT scans, and more. This will allow them to successfully complete most major surgeries at a time when most other veterinary hospitals are going to be closed. 

Overnight Supervision

In some situations, your pet may have received surgery at a regular veterinary hospital during the day, but they may need to be monitored through the night. This is to ensure that they come out of the surgery okay and make a full recovery. The emergency vet is going to be able to monitor their vitals all night long, check on them on a regular basis, and step in and give them any kind of emergency care that they may need. Then, when the regular veterinary clinic opens the following morning, your pet will be transported back over to them, where you can pick them up. Having the comfort of knowing that your pet is monitored all night long, by an individual rather than just a security camera, can make you feel so much more confident that they are going to be okay. 

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